dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Final prototype: internal structure update

In the initial sketches of the final prototype, the internal frame consisted of a lot of parts and different materials: wooden strips, aluminium strip, steel band, screws. To simplify the product, these parts were replaced by one piece of wood.

Final prototype: drawing + dimensions

The images below show the dimensions of the scale and a top view. The hinges are big because this indicates the function of the hinges. In the drawing there is a small (green) color accent. To match the color with the personal taste of Henk, we asked him his color of choice. The colors that Henk prefers for the hinges are dark orange or black.

Final Prototype exploded view

The sketch below is an exploded view of the final prototype.

1) Plexiglas with black paint on the back
2) Aluminium strip
3) Wooden frame
4) Aluminium hinges
5) Aluminium profiles
6) Rubber strips
7) Sensors